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Call me Tonette, a filipina. I'm an old-fashioned girl at heart and I am for bringing back some lovely traditions from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Wouldn't it be lovely to bring back the quite lost arts of long ago? I don't know, but I love things old-fashioned, even when I bake I still use my father's homemade wire whisk. So you can imagine my befuddlement every time I look into old Pillsbury and Peotraco :=)

Perhaps it's the vintage charm of an old-fashioned lifestyle...simple, easy, natural... so lovely! I've been a writer of my own comic stories at age 9. Then me and younger siblings would be waiting for rations of Reader's Digest, Time and Columbia mags so we can cut out pictures and glue them on the comic books. Too late the mags were stripped off of lovely photos by the time my father gets a hold of them.  Today, the memories make us all laugh and I find reminiscing those days most enjoyable of all.

Thanks to Hubpages, I can write things I'm inclined about -- beauty, love, children, to anything country and little things that begin at home. Through my writing, I wish I can raise people's spirits & help many women understand their true beauty and how little things can make a difference. Just a little of me to help make the world smile thiiiiiiisss BIG :=)

Welcome to my old-fashioned hubpage. I hope you'll enjoy reading. Thanks for visiting!


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  • 12

    Home Sit-Down Dinner Party - A Lost Art?

    19 months ago

    A family-style or sit-down meal, whether formal or informal, can be more solemn and intimate.

  • 25

    What Is Elegance to the Woman of Today

    14 months ago

    The true meaning of elegance is that which represents understated glamour, being selective, exquisite, and delicately tasteful. Can we achieve elegance?

  • 28

    Chew Fresh Leaves for Fresh Breath

    5 weeks ago

    You are actually breathing the odors out via your lungs three to four hours later." says Jeannie Moloo, of the American Dietetic Association.

  • 11

    Don't Give Up on Love - Give It One More Try

    21 months ago

    LOVE! One, two, three or a number of men and women probably find their own list of reasons to stop hoping to fall in love again. Maybe you’ve tried doing everything to the extent of falling on your knees to save...

  • 6

    Gotu Kola, Leg Pain and Swollen Veins

    20 months ago

    Gotu kola might improve circulation. Some studies show that it can help treat conditions of varicose veins, swelling in the legs and feet, pain, and itching.

  • 22

    Little Things So Feminine

    20 months ago

    There are many things that make a woman feminine. While inner femininity covers the womanly nature and attitude, its outer side zeroes in on the appearance. People may see this aspect of femininity as being a little...

  • 16

    You and the Way You Walk

    2 years ago

    Let's talk high heels! Do you believe that the length of your steps, the movement of your arms and the swing of your hips could mean something? or a whole lot? Each of us is different and there's nothing wrong with...

  • 30

    Fat But Beautiful - Everything Starts from Within

    20 months ago

    Hearing a guy say "Not a chance, she's too fat" than "She's too skinny," what is your reaction? Note: I don't mean "fat" as in huge, just a little extra weight or just very curvy It's...

  • 47

    When Someone Dislikes You

    2 years ago

    Ray Mcdonald It's true that people who states opposite vibration to ours at any situation make us feel bad or uneasy. If you think you've done nothing wrong, do you think those people have the right not to like you? ...

  • 31

    Famous Dress Cut Styles You Should Know

    5 weeks ago

    How many dress cut styles are you familiar with?

  • 14

    Fat, Thin, Tall or Short - Clothes for Your Figure

    20 months ago

    Regardless of the reality that few of us have perfect figures, flattering the figure with well-chosen clothes can accentuate your most stunning features.

  • 3

    The Mystery in the Scent of a Man

    20 months ago

    A gentleman's scent is that which makes others feel easy, calm, cozy, sensational and simply mystic.

  • 13

    Why Is Etiquette Important - My Funny Story

    5 weeks ago

    I never thought a handshake before and after a job interview is a form of etiquette, no one told me. It should have been a three-second handshake that starts the interview and another one right after. I already had...

  • 10

    Beautiful Old Times 1960's - Worth a Journey Back?

    23 months ago

    Were you a kid in the sixties or so? Surely not all things are beautiful in the old times. Though I barely remember all things as I was busy learning to walk ( I was born in the 60s anyway) I just wonder what was in...

  • 12

    Classic Eating Manners for Difficult Foods

    20 months ago

    Image Courtesy - Mien Magazine If you are invited to a house party or a private function, you know very well that you have to bring with you the basic eating etiquette.This is not to impress other guests, but simply...

  • 11

    Dressing Hot Yet Adorably Modest?

    5 weeks ago

    Every now and then, I get a glimpse of people here talking about "sexy and modest" or being "hot and modest" at the same time.

  • 4

    Flair in Fashion - Who Has It?

    20 months ago

    Flair is finding a personal look, your own idiosyncrasies, and developing them by selecting from current crazes whatever suits you best.

  • 7

    Beautiful Feet from Scratch

    5 weeks ago

    If you really want easy and beautiful feet, think about how much care you are willing to give them.

  • 10

    The Less Skin You Show the More Attractive You Are

    20 months ago

    These days, many young women don't feel fashionably sexy without exposing a bit more skin. But the bit more comes out a lot more that seems the more skin showing the more attractive it looks like, right? Well, no. ...

  • 8

    What Your Perfume Says About You

    20 months ago

    Charming scent are so divine it increases energy and leaves us a mind to get up and go. It can take us to a place of calmness and serenity placing us in a caring sparkle that minimizes stress.

  • 21

    Be Happy with People

    19 months ago

    Happiness, for most of us, depends on people. When we see someone who attracts us and whom we would like to know better, we realize that one of us has to make the first move but we find it difficult to do it...

  • 8

    How Much Perfume to Apply to Smell Really Good

    20 months ago

    I love the way my fragrance communicates as much about me, as my voice and smile, and I find it so ensuring to speak well of me. But who would have thought there would be so much to say about applying fragrance? ...

  • 12

    The Secret of Happy Children

    20 months ago

    You might never know, the simplest hello, hug, smile, kiss and even making funny face are only what it takes to make children happiest.

  • 5

    Bulges in My Tummy... Am I Ugly?

    20 months ago

    Don't feel ugly. You may want to lose weight, but don't think because you are not rail thin like your friends that you are unworthy

  • 6

    Stocking Techniques

    5 weeks ago

    The Wild Prints by This Next Nowadays, the correct stocking has become as essential to fashion as an up-to-date shoe. Whether it is to hide the scars/blemishes on the bare legs or to make changes in appearance,...

  • 6

    Wear Your Jewelry Simple But Elegant

    7 months ago

    Let's face it, it's something expensive, but jewelry suits one's looks, personality and lifestyle. It's a very special thing that most women consider an essential finishing touch. Maybe you feel old-fashioned or...

  • 13

    The Jeans Sex Appeal Even in Your 50's

    20 months ago

    One of today's most comfortable wear that I too like wearing is a good-fitting pair of jeans. Don't confuse good-fitting with super-tight jeans, they're two different thing

  • 10

    Reading Glasses - Charming Frames For Your Shape of Face

    20 months ago

    Fashion wise, a big or small frame is fine, but if you want a more traditional approach, not too big and not too small frames are never out-shined.

  • 12

    Too Busy for Old Dad and Mom

    20 months ago

    Our Old Parents Need Our Attention - We're So Special to Them When was the last time you talked to your Dad regarding your car engine? or asking Mom if she could help you out or watch you bake an old favorite bread...

  • 38

    Sitting Gracefully - The Lady-Like Elegance

    22 months ago

    A lady who moves with grace and elegance is a woman of poise and beauty. But such a woman is not too common these days, and lucky you are if you hold one of the most cherished graceful manners of traditional women - the...

  • 27

    Smiling Is Contagious - Infect Others

    9 months ago

    When someone you don't know smiles at you, and you smile back... you feel good! Why?

  • 11

    Signs of Poor Posture - Do You Have Them?

    2 years ago

    I'm sure you still remember how you've been told again and again by your Mom and homeroom teacher to "stand up straight, or sit erect." Did you ever take that advice? Actually, proper posture is about...

  • 19

    Healthy Aging - Increase Your Life Span

    5 weeks ago

    There is little evidence that diet alone determines life expectancy. However, in conjunction with other aspects of a healthy life-style, eating properly can increase your life span by as much as 6 to 10 years. Could you...

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    Easy Feet with the Right Care and the Right Shoe

    15 months ago

    Never put on a footwear with a damp feet, or wear wet socks on dry shoes. You don't like feet that stinks at the end of the day!

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